Abundance Mindset Exercises – 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Abundant Sunflowers

Do you have an abundant mindset, or do you have a victim mentality? The following three questions reveal your thinking pattern, and how it can be ruining your life without you knowing it. Follow the exercises below and begin to shape the life you want right now.

1. Are you responsible for what happens in your life?

The first abundant mindset is to take responsibility for everything that happens in your life. Do you take responsibility, or do you position yourself as a victim when you run into trouble?

It’s easy to believe that you aren’t in control of what happens around you, but you have power you’re not using. A victim mentality – where you feel that you’re the victim – doesn’t help to improve your life. Releasing this mentality and taking full responsibility is the beginning of your journey.

When you say that you’re the victim, there’s nothing you can do. You won’t be able to create a fulfilling and abundant life as long as you become the victim. You will always feel helpless and look for other people to help you, but they won’t always be available.

The exercise is to take the responsible stance, and you can begin to find out what you must do to improve your situation. Ask yourself what you can do when a situation arises that you don’t want. You will be surprised what happens when you claim responsibility over your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

2. What beliefs have made your fears come true?

You won’t be able to think about what you believe if you still hold on to a victim mentality. That’s why taking responsibility is an important first step that allows you to take this second step. Ask yourself if what you believe in your mind and your heart is true, and do they make you happy?

It’s possible that you’re not aware of your beliefs, especially if they make you feel powerless. You may believe that you don’t come from a successful family, and therefore success is not for you. You could believe that money was always difficult to get when you grew up, and it makes you think that there is only a little amount of money in this world.

These beliefs turn into your reality because your actions follow your beliefs. You may have even made your fears come true if you follow your negative mentality. The exercise is to ask yourself if holding on to these beliefs help you become wealthy and happy, or is it time to let them go and build new beliefs?

3. Do you invest your money or spend all of it?

The actions you do say the truth about what you think. Do you spend all your money when you get it, or do you allocate some amount to place in an investment that can return money in the future?

Investing in the future is a conscious and responsible choice. You take responsibility of your future, and you prepare accordingly. Spending all your money is the opposite of this thought. You want to enjoy all your money right now. Although it might feel good at first, it sends a message that you’re not respecting yourself because you will always be searching for money.

You don’t have to invest a large amount. Even if it’s a small amount, it’s enough to shift your mind and see that you are being responsible and thinking correct beliefs. The exercise is to invest any amount of money that you can into an asset that will have a higher value in the future. An example that you can do is to buy a small amount of gold, whether in the form of bullion or jewelry.

The three questions above can help you turn your life around. If you feel that you’re not living a happy and wealthy life, use these abundant mindset exercises straight away. You will begin to feel the change happening in your mind and in your reality. You can find more exercises at http://propelyourwealth.com/unlimited-abundance-review/

The Truth of You – How to Boost Self Esteem

There is nothing on Earth more important than the way that you feel about yourself. Unfortunately, many people out there struggle with this each day. If your self-esteem is not as high as it should be and you want to make a change, here are some simple ways to give it a boost.

Accept the fact that you are not perfect. Many people have issues with their self-image because they have this idea that everything in their lives should be flawless. The reality is that no one is perfect and realizing that early on is the key to making changes to the way that you feel about yourself. If you struggle with weight issues, you might try losing weight with the Beta Switch program. Come to terms with the fact that you have flaws and imperfections and try your best to embrace them.

Write down all of your positive attributes. It is difficult to keep your self-esteem at a reasonable level if you are a little foggy about the good things that make you who you are. In the event that you sometimes need a reminder, you should try getting it all down on paper (follow this exercise). Any time that you are feeling less than ideal, take a look at it and remember all of the wonderful facets of you. This may seem silly, but many others have found this quite useful.

Stop listening to what others have to say about you. It is not wise to allow others to dictate how you feel about yourself. Even if the whole world believes that you are a typical, forgettable person, you should have a very different opinion. Do not let anyone lead you to a conclusion that doesn’t jibe with how you actually feel. For instance, if you like to wear quirky, one-of-a-kind clothing and being unique is important to you, don’t stop doing this because someone else mentioned the fact that this is unappealing and not something that they would do.

Get rid of all the naysayers. They say that misery loves company and this is true in many cases. It is very common to come across people whose “friends” are so negative that it is no wonder their self-esteem has taken a few hits. If you are constantly around people who use your lack of confidence to make themselves feel better, it is high time to change your surroundings. It is not always easy to see who has your best interest at heart, so be careful. Ideally, you should remove anyone from your life who seems to agree when you badger yourself, yet they are never in agreement when there comes a time to give yourself much-needed praise.

Most people in this world have days when they do not feel like they are at their best. With that said, this should not be the way one feels every waking hour of the day. If you have been fighting a losing battle on your journey to improving the way you feel about yourself, you should now be prepared to make a change for the better.

Welcome to the Back

This blog is about how I found out we are all staring at the back of the world. We are living in a world full of illusion and misunderstandings – and even outright lies. It is our responsibility to take the journey to get to the front of the world to reach a full life where we see what is real and understand what is true.

This blog is inspired by G.K Chesterton:

Shall I tell you the secret of the whole world? It is that we have only known the back of the world. We see everything from behind, and it looks brutal. That is not a tree, but the back of a tree. That is not a cloud, but the back of a cloud. Cannot you see that everything is stooping and hiding a face? If we could only get round in front–

― G.K. Chesterton, The Man Who Was Thursday

Whether religious or not religious, whether you believe or don’t believe in God, there are people who want to profit by telling you lies and misconceptions. They want to enslave you to make themselves powerful and have control over all aspects of your life. It’s not an understatement to say that they are the Devil’s followers and it’s our job as the people of the Light to reveal their trickery and bring ourselves to the front of the world.