Well, It’s an Honor…

Nationally-known author, blogger, and radio host Fr. Dwight Longenecker has added me to his blog roll…. I’m honored! He’s put up a link to my blog despite the fact that as of late, I’ve not exactly lived up to criteria #4: Regular Writing

Fr. Longenecker converted from Anglicanism to Catholicism before it was cool. His analysis of issues surrounding the Apostolic Ordinariate and swimming the Tiber as an Anglican are what first drew me to his blog. I thoroughly enjoy his posts, especially when he writes in other “voices” as a “guest blogger” (I’m particularly fond of Caitlin O’Rourke).

Many thanks to Fr. Longenecker!

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2 responses to “Well, It’s an Honor…

  1. Congratulations, that is really wonderful! I hope many more people get to discover just how wonderful your blog is – and the rest of us can feel superior that we got here first! ;) Also, Caitlin is definitely the best, though I’m also very fond of the Vicar :D

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