A Cold Winter’s Blogging…

The weather is pretty rough in Boston today: we were pounded by snow in the morning, followed by getting pounded by freezing rain in the afternoon. It’s the kinda day where you just want to stay indoors and catch up on some blogging…

*Not actually Boston*

*Not actually Boston*

So I decided to draw your attention to a few interesting things I’ve read the last few days.

“First Things” First: you’re going to have to be as big of a nerd as I am to appreciate this, but the magazine “First Things” has an incredibly interesting article comparing the brilliant-but-short-lived TV show Arrested Development with my all-time favorite novel, “The Brothers Karamazov”. Check it out here. 

Michael Flynn, a Catholic Sci-Fi author and blogger, has written this incredibly beautiful and moving tribute to a friend who passed away.

Laura, a fellow Catholic convert who’s from “down under,” has started a new blog called “Getting Into Holy Water.” Check it out!

Evangelical author Frank Viola continues his “dia-blogue” with friend-of-the-blog Fr. Dwight Longenecker here. This time, their conversation centers around Catholics and Evangelicals working together to care for the poor.

I’ll leave you with this video from the St. Paul Center about the Cappadocian Fathers:

Stay warm, friends!

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2 responses to “A Cold Winter’s Blogging…

  1. Many thanks. :) Hope you said warm!

  2. Or stayed warm, actually.

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