December’s First Friday is Coming…

…and you know what that means: the First Friday Link-Up in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is almost upon us! 


We will be doing things a bit differently going forward. It’s proven to be a bit much to maintain a separate site, so First Friday Link-Ups will now be hosted at “Catholic Cravings“, the blog of Australia’s leading Catholic nerd, Laura.

Our writing prompt for this month:

December means one thing for many of us: Christmas. Every year we celebrate the birth of Our Lord, who was very God made flesh in the womb of Mary. This month is also the month of Our Lady’s Immaculate Conception, another miracle of life! So we’d love to know: how does the Sacred Heart helps you treasure life and understand the horror of abortion? Does the Sacred Heart have a special role to play in the Pro-Life movement?

So get writing, help us spread the word, and determine with us to love, honor, make reparation to, and adore the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ!

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