Back of Your Yard: Cost to Build A Storage Shed

Steel storage shed
Photo by Steel Masters Buildings

One of the reasons why a person would build or purchase a shed is to create more space in their home or garage. In the present economic climate, the less it costs to build the storage shed, the better for a person’s financial well-being. Hiring a contractor to build the shed can be beneficial, but it can be expensive. Some individuals feel that the cost can be reduced by purchasing a prefabricated best storage sheds, but this is sometimes more costly than contacting a professional builder. This article will provide information on how to build a storage shed cost-effectively.

Arguably, one of the cheapest methods to acquire a storage shed is to use a shed plan and construct the structure independently. While a builder will provide a professional construction that is better than your work, the main concern in this situation is to save money. By using a DIY approach and avoiding a contractor you will definitely save money on construction of a storage shed.

Storage sheds require bases, but instead of building one you could use a substitute and save yourself the cost of constructing this base. For example, a person could use a patio as a base for a shed; however, if the patio is not large enough it may be necessary to spend money on materials to build a shed base. The base of a shed requires mixing cement and then leveling the cement off. Most people have a friend, family member or neighbor who is able to help with this task. It is recommended that you sign a written agreement when completing this task to avoid any misunderstandings or deal with any potential accidents.

If you have a shed plan, there are other methods whereby you can save money on building materials. It is recommended that you drive around the neighborhood and keep an eye out for any discarded pallets. While discarded pallets may not offer the best quality wood, they are free and cost-effectiveness is the primary concern in this situation. It may be useful to ask family or friends for old pallets from previous jobs. If this does not work, you could contact companies for discarded items as many contractors are happy to have old stock taken off their hands.

Another beneficial source for free materials is a reclamation yard. Reclamation yards tend to offer all types of materials that can be used for the construction of a storage shed, such as floorboards for shelving or old door furniture for creating a shed door. It is possible to save a fortune by merely being observant and looking around at dismissed materials.

It should also be noted that looking for second-hand or dismissed materials is not only saving money but will also act as an eco-friendly resource. This is a form of recycling and you will be helping the environment by using these items to build a storage shed. You may be surprised at how much you can save by using old wood or door fittings.